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Spray Schedule & Map

Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule

This Week's Schedule

Starting August 21 & Ending August 25, 2017

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Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule

August 21st – 25th, 2017

Honeycomb Creek – Honeycomb Park Subdivision, portion of Long Jagger Branch Subdivision, Honeycomb Public Ramp upstream of US 431

Brown’s Creek – Beech Creek Subdivision along Douglas Drive, Browns Creek Subdivision (riverside), Browns Creek Subdivision along Cotton Road, Smith Shores Subdivision, Beech Creek Bay Subdivision, Guntersville Municipal Park Swim Area to Recreation Center

Big Spring Creek –Wyndham Garden Hotel Piers, Wyndham Public Boat Ramp, Wyeth Drive Park, portion of Guntersville Shores Subdivision along Wyeth Drive, portion of Guntersville Shores Subdivision along Davidson Hollow, Val Monte Estates, Val Monte Marina and Day Use Area, Water’sEdge Subdivision, Bucky Howe Park Swim Area, Piers, and Ramps; Steele Ford Public Ramp and Day Use, portion of New Signal Point Subdivision, Signal Point Marina

Buck Island Area – Marshall County Park #1, portion of Buck Island Subdivision

Town Creek (Marshall) – Guntersville State Park along 227, Minky Creek Ramp

Claysville Area – Guntersville Airport Pier, Lake Guntersville Sailing Club, Playground Shores Subdivision, Pinedale Shores Subdivision, Marshall Baptist Retreat, Community Pier and Ramp, portion of Turtle Rock Cay, Shriner’s Pier, Riverbend Marina #1, Riverbend Condos

Columbus City Area –portion of Camp Neyati Subdivision, Camp Trico

Boshart Creek –portion of St. Christopher’s Point Subdivision, Holiday Shores Subdivision, Adelines on the Lake

South Sauty Creek – South Sauty Public Ramp (upstream), portion of North Shore (upstream), South Sauty Subdivision, Windemere Resort

Mink Creek – Mink Creek Subdivision (upstream of 79)

Roseberry Creek – Bradford Subdivision, Scottsboro City Park, portion of Harrington Hollow, Sportsmen’s Ramp

Town Creek (Jackson County) – Riverland Estates, Bellefonte Subdivision downstream of causeway

Mud Creek – portion of Nacoochee Point Subdivision, Carver’s Day Use Area, Mud Creek Public Ramp

Crow Creek – Crow Creek Public Ramp

Last Week's Schedule

Starting August 14 & Ending August 18, 2017

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Guntersville Reservoir Herbicide Treatment Schedule

August 14th – 18th, 2017

Honeycomb Creek – Sunrise Marina, Honeycomb Public Ramp downstream of US 431, Half Acres Estates

Manchester Area – Camp Chalakee

Brown’s Creek –portion of Pine Acres Subdivision, Sherwood Forest Subdivision, portion of Point of Pines Subdivision, Beech Creek Public Ramp

Big Spring Creek – Lakecrest Subdivision, portion of Big Spring Creek 2nd Addition

Conner’s Island Area – Marshall County Park #1 Public Ramp, Marshall County Park #1 Day Use Area along US 431, TVA Pier

Polecat Creek – Rayford Tucker Public Ramp

Five Points Area – portion of Star Point Subdivision

Mill Creek – portion of Pine Island Subdivision, Glen Haven Subdivision, Carlton Subdivision

Waterfront Area – Waterfront Public Ramp, Breezeway Bay Subdivision, Preston Homesites, Preston Island Cabin Sites, Preston Island Subdivision

South Sauty Creek – portion of South Sauty Point Subdivision, Davis Point Subdivision, Northshore Campground (at Big Rock)

Langston Area – South Lewis Evans, North Lewis Evans, Cabiness Cove Subdivision

Mink Creek – portion of Lakeview Beach Subdivision, Mink Creek Public Ramp, portion of Mink Creek Subdivision, portion of Skyline Shores Subdivision

North Sauty Creek – Camp Maranatha

Roseberry Creek – portion of Roseberry Homesites Subdivision, portion of Roseberry Subdivision, portion of Harrington Hollow Subdivision, portion of Lakeview Shores Subdivision along Floyd, Gentle, and Campground Circle; portion of the Promenade Subdivision, Lakepointe Subdivision

B. B. Comer Bridge Area – Lakeshore Drive Subdivision, portion of Chisenhall Springs Subdivision