Aquatic Plant Management Changes In Store For 2017

TVA Meets with Lake Guntersville Stakeholders

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – With unseasonably warm temperatures, folks on Guntersville reservoir have weeds-- specifically aquatic plants -- on their minds. Elected Officials from Marshall and Jackson counties and TVA recently met in Guntersville to discuss the present and future path of the Lake Guntersville Aquatic Plant Management Plan.

The Plan directs management of aquatic plants in the vicinity of residential and commercial shoreline areas around the Reservoir.The meeting focused primarily on funding of the program in the long term and how the Lake Guntersville Stakeholders Board (LGSB) and the two counties could work together with TVA to develop a sustainable solution.The LGSB and TVA have committed to work together and continue dialogue on a sustainable management plan for these areas.

“We are looking forward to working directly with TVA to develop an equitable solution for funding,” said Judy Miller of the Lake Guntersville Stakeholders Board.“This is certainly no easy task, but we believe working together, we can find a means to fund the program that works for everyone.”

TVA has remained committed to the agreed upon six-year plan which fully funded the program through 2016,, with gradual reductions in funding in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Despite the reductions, TVA supports development of a sustainable funding solution for future years, and will continue to manage all of the same areas in 2017 with emphasis on high traffic holidays like July 4th and Labor Day.

Under current plans, treatments in public areas like boat ramps, swim beaches, and parks will continue to be managed and supported by TVA as they have been in past years.

“TVA will continue to manage aquatic plants in these areas on an as needed basis,” said Brett Hartis, Aquatic Plant Management program manager at TVA.“We will ramp up efforts prior to holidays when folks are most likely to be out on the Lake, and we look forward to working with the Stakeholders Board on the best sustainable management plan for everyone.”

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