Guntersville Lake Aquatic Plant Management

The Value of Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville is a valuable resource to the region, providing water for drinking, industrial uses, tourism and recreation, visual beauty, and economic opportunity.

Annually, Recreation on TVA Reservoirs provides $11.9 Billion in Economic Impact, which is about a million dollars in economic benefit for each mile of shoreline.

Lake Guntersville has 890 Miles of shoreline; and is the region receives an estimated billion dollars of the estimated Economic Impact annually.

TVA and the Lake Guntersville Stakeholder Group work together to:

Sustain the current Aquatic Plants Management Plan with equitable funding to continue to support water quality, recreation, tourism and economic development.

Support the lake’s many uses and users in a safe manner that maintains the health of the waterway.

Support costs and work necessary to implement the Management Plan and seek new, sustainable ways to continue implementation of the successful Management Plan.

Additional Facts About Guntersville Lake

Guntersville Lake is the southernmost point and third largest lake in the Tennessee

River system, with 890 miles of shoreline and 66,000 acres of surface water.

Guntersville Lake has the most TVA-managed natural areas, with over 5,500 acres.

Eagle watching is popular on Guntersville, where over 20 mating pairs nest each year.

The lake’s Hambrick Hollow Cave is known for the 30,000 gray bats which emerge from the cave at dusk during the summer months.

TVA has recorded more than 71 species of fish on Guntersville, with plentiful largemouth bass and crappie.

Guntersville is a world-class Recreation Area for bass fishing, often ranked in the Top 10 of the Bassmaster 100 Best Bass Lakes and is the site of Bassmaster Classic fishing tournaments.